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  • ‣ Classic Relaxation

    Classic Relaxation 60 min $80  ♦  90 min $120 Traditional Swedish massage using long, flowing strokes. The massage you dream of. "That was one of the best massages I've ever had!! The therapist was a magician!"

  • ‣ Deep Tissue

    Deep Tissue 60 min $105  ♦  90 min $155 This massage combines the skills of our highly-qualified therapists with the use of Epicuren's herbal spice lotion and sports cream as a spot therapy. Excellent for those with pain issues or limited range of motion. "Love that the deep tissue really is deep tissue! Loved the icy lotion." — Jane

  • ‣ Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy 60 min $95  ♦  90 min $140 Traditional Swedish massage with the addition of your choice of Epicuren's aromatherapy lotion. These lotions provide the benefits of skin enriching protein enzymes and antioxidants along with the sensory delights of coconut groves, lemon grass, orange blossoms, pineapple fields, lavender, rosemary, vanilla bean and herbal spices. "Great, thanks Dawn!"

  • ‣ Shiatsu

    Shiatsu 60 min $105  ♦  90 min $155 Shiatsu manually stimulates acupressure points on the body while massaging the muscles. This relaxing yet energizing massage is a Cannon Beach Spa specialty. "Keep it up!"

  • ‣ Couples

    Couples Two times the price of the individual massage Couples share one room with two tables and two therapists. Very romantic. Can also be shared by friends and family who like to be together. "Thank You!"

  • ‣ Pregnancy

    Pregnancy 60 min $95 Congratulations! Let us relieve the stresses associated with your new balance, weight and shape. Our geranium rose lotion will nourish and hydrate your skin as well as promote a deep sense of relaxation. "Excellent pregnancy massage from a great therapist!"

  • ‣ Hot Stone

    Hot Stone 90 min $155 Gathered from Ecola State Park's Indian Beach, these black, smooth stones will radiate warmth to tight and sore muscles. This is a comforting and pleasurable experience on chilly Northwest days.Only available October through May. "You guys are always great!"

  • ‣ Injury Rehabilitation

    Injury Rehabilitation 60 min $105  ♦  90 min $155 A highly effective physical therapy technique (Active Isolated Stretching) that works with the nervous system to reduce pain, improve circulation and increase elasticity. Excellent for stiff joints and chronic muscle problems. Originally developed for professional athletes and is considered a myofascial release technique. "When I left the Spa, I said to my husband through tears of joy, "This is the first day of the rest of my life." — Barbara M, BC Canada