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Japanese Foot Spa

  • ‣ BASIC ‒Foot Bath and Soak

    BASIC—Foot Bath and Soak $15 Hot foot bath with therapeutic salts, marble treat, scrub, cold water trickle, finishing lotion. "Wonderful staff, warm, friendly, and knowledgeable."

  • ‣ SOKU ‒Japanese Foot Treatment

    SOKU ‒Japanese Foot Treatment $25 Hot foot bath plus 6 wonderful minutes of the Japanese style Soku Shin Do, also known as East Asian Foot Reflexology. "Great! We're so fortunate to have you in our community!"

  • ‣ AHH ‒Extended Japanese Foot Treatment

    AHH ‒Extended Japanese Foot Treatment $35 Our most popular foot treatment!
    Hot foot bath plus Japanese Soku Foot treatment as described above plus another wonderful 6 minutes of additional Japanese techniques on your feet. Ahh!
    "Great, thanks Dawn!"

  • ‣ Journey of the Zen Master

    Journey of the Zen Master $45 We have no idea, but your feet will love it. It's truly Zen. "Keep it up!"